Claritax Books has just published the first edition of my latest book, Employee-Ownership Trusts. So far as I am aware, this is the only published work that focusses on the tax treatment of EOTs and associated transactions, as well as their structuring and financing.

EOT book photo for blog

Corporate trading businesses which are owned by trustees on behalf of employees can enjoy greater levels of employee engagement, offering the potential for higher productivity and more even distribution of the resulting financial rewards.

To achieve these goals, the owners of a company can sell their shares to an employee-ownership trust (EOT) for the benefit of the employees. When correctly carried out, this affords CGT relief for the vendors on the sale to the trust and allows the company to pay tax-free bonuses to all its employees.

Interest in employee ownership in general, and in the EOT model in particular, has grown rapidly in recent years. The conditions for gaining the tax benefits are complex, however, so this timely volume offers an accurate and comprehensive guide to the relevant rules.

For more information, please visit http://claritaxbooks.com

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