Longmark London Tax Conference 2017

On Thursday, 9th November 2017, David Pett will be presenting at the Longmark Annual London Tax Conference for ambitious unquoted companies, at Lord’s Cricket Ground. David will be discussing “Share Based Incentives for Unquoted Companies”, covering the following topics:

  • Share Incentive Plans – why are they worth a fresh look?
  • JSOPs and growth shares
  • Alphabet shares, the current position
  • Putting shares into the hands of employees is one thing: how can you get them back?
  • Update on the expanding reach of the disguised remuneration and DoTAS rules as they apply to employee share arrangements

The roster of speakers also includes Anne Fairpo, Jonathan Bremner, Alun James, Pete Miller and Michael Thomas.

For more information, log on to www.longmark.co.uk

© David Pett November 2017



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